First off I have to say, welcome to Justin Tyme Auto Finance!! Whether you have perfect credit, good credit, bad credit or even no credit, my team of Credit Specialists will get the job done and save you thousands. Justin Tyme Auto Finance is one of the Fastest Growing Lending Centres in Western Canada. We have all of Alberta’s credit and vehicle needs covered. Whether you’re in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Calgary, Banff, Edmonton, Grand Prairie, High Level, Fort McMurray, Slave Lake, Pincher Creek, Lloydminster or even B.C and Sask, we have you covered!

I have over 12 years Auto Finance experience myself and over 45 years combined within my team of Credit Specialists. Every single application, we all put our heads together to ensure we get you the absolute best interest rate and will even give you a step by step program to rebuild your credit fast, efficiently and as inexpensive as possible. Bad things do happen to good people and we are here to help!!

Whether your goal is to rebuild your credit, customize your own personal truck or find that dream sports car you have always wanted, we will turn your dreams into a reality Just in Time!!! Your experience dealing with Justin Tyme is second to none. No flashy gimmicks or false promises. Just real people, with real dreams so we provide real APPROVALS!!

Thanks, Justin Tyme

People who have good credit:

Based on the volume we do, we can offer a lot more than most dealerships can offer you even with perfect credit. We have locked interests rates as low 4.99% interest. That is not a variable rate and it can be locked in for as long as 96 months with no penalty to make extra payments or pay out early. We can also offer up to 6 months no payment at no additional cost to the customer. Lastly is something no one else can do. We can offer up to $15,000 cash back to be used for down payments on a mortgage, vacations or other debt.

People with not perfect credit:

We understand that bad things can happen to good people and everyone does come into bad luck. Regardless of late payments, credit write offs, bankruptcy, proposal, auto loan repos, collections and judgements…..YOU ARE APPROVED!! Guaranteed!! We have a 100% guaranteed approval rate. Plus every payment made will be rebuilding your credit.

People who want a specific or custom vehicle:

The resources we have for finding vehicles are endless. I have access to the inventory of 8 dealerships at my finger tips but it doesn’t stop there. Also have 5 rental companie`s inventory I can use, 2 auctions and steady import system from the U.S. for the specific, high end vehicles. For you truck lovers, we have a 1 of a kind, build your own custom truck feature. You pick the truck, the color, the lift size, the tire size, the rim and I will have it built for you. Check it out at:

This is not just some division that some dealership has created. My name is Justin Tyme and this is my company. I have put my name on the line and will personally guarantee every step of this process. I am certified with Alberta Motor Vehicle Sales Association and Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia. I carry myself with integrity as well as take pride in helping my clients. I can also guarantee that all my team members hold the sale level of standard.

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